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2024 MLW/Wifflepalooza 18 Running Transaction Log

 Below is a list of all transactions within the franchises of MLW for Wifflepalooza 18.


Wednesday, August 16, 2023

2024 MLW/Wifflepalooza Roster Rights, New Limits & Updated Free Agent Pool

 Today the Office of the Commissioner of MLW announced that the rules regarding roster size & construction are being codified. These guidelines have existed for some time now, & I can't think of a time where it's been an issue, but just to get everyone on the same page, here it goes.

MLW/WP rosters work similar to MLB rosters. You have an "active" roster (basically anyone you're having play for you on tournament/game day) and you have an official "12-man roster" (like a 40-man roster in MLB). Anyone on your 12-man roster is eligible to be used/"called-up" at any time. Same goes for de-activating/"sending down". Team captains/owners do NOT need to notify the commissioner's office when calling up/sending down players, only when there are changes to the 12-man roster.

It is not a requirement to fill all 12-slots on your 12-man roster. You STILL MUST field a minimum of 6 players for each tournament game, or face penalties listed in the official rulebook. 

- You may trade for a player on another team's roster, so agreed upon by captains/owners of each team.

- To add someone to your 12-man roster, you simply must notify the office of the commissioner. If you need to create a corresponding move to clear room, that can be in the same notification. Text, email or tweet are acceptable forms of notification.

- To remove someone from your 12-man roster, you can outright release (they automatically become a free agent) OR waive the player (other teams have the option to claim this player and pay the releasing team a small fee ($25)). Notice of this transaction must also be given to the office of the commish to notify other teams of the availability of said player.

- The only additional scenario I can think of where a player would end up off your 12-man roster is an event where a player leaves to start their own team. This is a dealing that would be handled internally with that player. There is no set agreement or terms that tie that player to your franchise once you allow them to branch off to own/captain their own team. Should that team falter, or no longer have a place within WP, that player (and subsequently all players on their team) would become free agents unless otherwise designated by the office of the commissioner.

BELOW is a current list of every player known to be on a team's 12-man roster, PLUS the current list of free agents and "officially retired" players. To be on the list of active free agents you must have participated in at least one of the last 8 tournaments (so currently, anyone going back to WP10).










Friday, August 11, 2023

New Boss, Same As The Old Boss! Flapacs Ride Pitching and Core Vets to Fifth Title. w/ Facts & Figures

 VINELAND- As the champagne sprayed, the scenes seemed quite familiar. It had been a long nine years, but with some pitching performances for the ages, and timely hits from some long time veteran players, the Flapacamingos WC found themselves back on top, winning their 5th Wifflepalooza Championship on Saturday. "A long time coming", said team captain Jake Lambert, "What a performance by these guys, I'm so happy, we finally got back". 

A nine-year drought seemed miles away as the Flapacs celebrated at the Willie J. Huff Wiffleball Complex, and two of the men covered in champagne combined for two of the greatest performances in tournament history. Let's start with the pitching, as the Flapacs have always tried to do. They struck gold when they acquired Kevin Engasser, who capped off his 2nd Cy Young Award winning performance in as many years, by shutting out the Goodfellas in the semi-final, wrapping up his entirely scoreless day. Not to be overshadowed, he became just the 2nd player ever to throw two no-hitters in the same tournament (Ryan Hutchings did it for Purple Drank Squad in WP3). That's right, two. He finished the day with 18 innings, 4 hits allowed, no runs, and 34 of a possible 36 strikeouts. "It seems automatic when he's out there", said GM and team catcher Al Etter. "We feel justified in thinking we're simply going to win when he's out there. To have allowed what, 1 run in over 30 innings over the last two years, it's incredible. Best I've ever seen".

As great as Engasser is, the ultimate hero of the day for the Flapacs was veteran Ryan Ricci. He too was brilliant on the mound, posting the second best qualified ERA in the tournament (2.88), only behind Engasser. Ricci guided the Flapacs through 2 regular tournament games, as well as the Championship Game, cruising after he helped give himself some run support to work with. The Flapacs hit 6 grand slams on the day, Ricci had 3 of them, including one in the 3rd inning of the title game to break things open. "Just got locked in really early. Starting off the way we did with 25 runs in our first game, really gave us the confidence we needed", said Ricci, who drove in 16 runs on the day, tied for the 2nd highest single-tournament total. For his efforts, Ricci won both tournament MVP and Title Game MVP. 

As great as those two were, it really was a team effort for the Flapacs. Most years, Jake Lambert's stat line might've been good enough to win MVP himself. With 4 home runs and 13 RBI, Lambert posted personal career bests, his exclamation point a homer off the newly implemented foul pole in left field, over the "little mamba", who's predecessor would've kept that in the park. Just one example of how, everything seemed to come up Flapacamingos on Saturday. After taking over for Rob Humes mid-day, veteran Al Etter returned to the lineup, posting a .500 average, and reaching both 40 career HR and 100 career hits on the day. Humes and Saverino posted timely hits throughout the day, as well as a gritty effort at the plate by the team's only rookie, Dave Fridolph. Manager Pat Ney pushed all the right buttons all day long, and following up on his Media day comments, Ney quipped with a cigar in hand, "This ain't the last hole we've dug either".

The Flapacs have reached the mountain top once again, for the fifth time, but with the assumed return of the Goodfellas stars, as well as the assumed return of the Ironballs franchise, the challenges posed will be different.


- In the midst of his historic performance, Ryan Ricci reached 100 career RBI. He achieved it on his Grand Slam in the title game. He also became just the 2nd person to reach 200 career strikeouts on the mound. A phenomenal day for a legend that seems to just keep getting better.

- Breaking out of the cocoon of retirement, Al Etter returned to the field and finally got himself to the long awaited 40 HR mark, the 2nd ever player to reach that mark, as well as becoming the 2nd player to reach 100 career hits, the only other to reach both is fellow legend Brian Stanzione

- They may have come up short, but give the Goondingos and their captain Jeff Ronchetti a standing ovation. They prepared, they got drunk, they played hard & came close to their first ever title. Ronchetti, reached both 80 career hits at the plate and 250 strikeouts on the mound, the first ever player to achieve the latter.

- Dustin Graiff, another Goondingo star, reached 60 career hits.

- Ryan "Ryhoops 3000" Hutchings reached 70 career hits on Saturday.

- All we hear every summer leading up to the tournament, is how "Onepac is training hard, poised for a break out year". And while that term is certainly subjective, Patrick Hennessy did reach the 30 career hit mark on Saturday, which a few years ago was thought unlikely he'd reach it ever, let alone so soon. So, props to Onepac on the achievement.

- While the day went poorly for Bert, two of their legends reached career milestones on Saturday. Tony Donato became just the 6th all time pitcher to reach 10 career victories

- Ken McCormick also reached 100 career strikeouts on the mound, becoming just the 8th pitcher in tournament history to reach that mark

- While unconfirmed, but early word out of the Commissioner's office is that next year's tournament, Wifflepalooza XVIII, will take place Saturday, August 3rd, 2024. Again, that date is subject to change, but it is expected that the Ironballs will be back to take their place among the field of six, as well as legends Justin Geri, Billy Jackson & Brian Stanzione will return for the Goodfellas

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Stats & Awards - Wifflepalooza XVII


MVP - Ryan Ricci (FLA)
Cy Young - Kevin Engasser (FLA)
Title Game MVP - Ryan Ricci (FLA)
Top Rookie - Dylan Clark (TA)
Most Improved - Brandon McCullough (TA)

P- Kevin Engasser (FLA)
P- Mike Tedesco (GF)
P- Jeff Ronchetti (GS)
IF- Ryan Ricci (FLA)
IF- Dylan Clark (TA)
IF- Tyler Martini (GD)
OF- Brandon McCullough (TA)
OF- Jake Lambert (FLA)
OF- Johnny Vandercrone (TA)
UT- Ken McCormick (BB)
UT- Ken Weber (PPM)
UT- Taylor Cheli (BB)

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Wifflepalooza XVII Media Day Quotes

 VINELAND- This year's Wifflepalooza Media Day was much like those of past years. Some of the usual characters offering some of the usual quotes, both nothing-burger and sensational explicit content alike. We spoke to a representative from 5 of the 6 teams in this year's tournament, & we'll address them one by one. 

The field for this year's tournament is slightly different than it's been the last couple of years. Due to the unfortunate withdraw of the Ironballs, a now staple of this fine tournament, the field had to shift, adding in a new squad on a 1-year agreement, "Temp Agency WP", who were referred by the defending champion PA Pork Missiles. Nothing is guaranteed obviously, but the hope is that Temp Agency WC will work out well enough that they may be invited back as a permanent participant, should a spot open up full-time. 

A lot of familiar faces return once again to this year's tournament. Bert Brigade enters as the odds-on favorite, just a year removed from back-to-back titles. They were upset in the semifinals last year by the Flapacamingos, led by rookie star Kevin Engasser. They look to rebound in a big way. We spoke with their captain Jake Hatki, as well as all-star LHP/IF Ken McCormick. We asked both of them the same question. "After falling short of the title game for the first time ever, there’s certainly no more motivation needed. Given this team’s history, given the roster you guys have. 1) Do you view anything less than a title this time as a failure? And 2) Do you view this as a window closing or for how much longer is this title window open?

KEN: A: Our goal has been to win it every year. Last year we had a letdown but are confident in our roster and believe we can return to championship level. As long as our pitching returns to dominance we believe will be the team to beat for years to come.

JAKE: A: It’s trident or bust, every single year. Last year promoted some false confidence in the other teams and we’re looking forward to exposing them. This year is the easiest path to victory yet. We’re looking to break records and stay undefeated on our stroll to the trident.

We followed up on Hatki's statement. "Some may say that type of approach comes off as condescending and arrogant. Most fans would find that off putting and hard to cheer for. What would you say to those people?", but unfortunately, we received no answer back. 

It's not unreasonable for Bert Brigade to feel that way. They have the deepest roster in the tournament for essentially the 5th straight year. They boast two stud arms at the top of their rotation. But as we saw last year, anything can happen on tournament day.

Another set of familiar faces, for better or worse, are the Goondingos. They deflect from it, but they've had what feels like a bit of a rejuvenation this year. They return most of last year's squad, but they are also bringing back former all-star hitter Tyler Martini on a 1-year deal. It's completely unknown what Martini still has in the tank. He was clearly on the back side of his career when he last played a few years ago and has spent much of the time since in rehab for anal fixation. If he can give the Dangos anything close to what he once had, they'll be a dark horse team to watch. As usual, team co-captain Jeff Ronchetti had plenty to say when we spoke with him. G’Dangs. "Jeff, there seems to be a renewed sense of involvement and optimism around this team, and I don’t just mean the manufactured-on twitter kind. Old faces have returned. What caused this change and what makes you think THIS is the year for you guys to finally get over the hump?"

A: There is no renewed sense of involvement and optimism. Since the merger, we have always seen ourselves as the most talented roster in the league and it's not particularly close in our eyes. The stats back this up, three of the top 10 all-time leaders in average present the core of our batting order in Jeff, Mark, and Hutch. Of the other seven, two are retired, and two are not participating in this tournament, which means this year, 3 of the top 6 hitters by average in the league are batting 1, 2, and 3 for us. I could go on and on about how many statistical feats the three of us are in the top 10-12 for, and again, when you discount those lists for retired/inactive players this year, which leaves us with mostly 3/5-6 guys in almost every major batting category. The lineup is then rounded out with Dustin and Gumby, who in their own right are mostly in the top 10-20 for every major category. Complete this with the fact that our top prospect, Patrick Hennessy, finally had his breakout tournament at the plate last year, putting up elite numbers across the board, we are confident that we have the best lineup in the league by a significant margin. All of this combined with the fact that we also have one of the elite arms in all of Palooza taking the mound as our ace, and without touching on all of my pitching accolades, arguably the biggest one is that back in the Purple Drank Squad days of WP3 where I was barred from pitching, I taught Hutch to pitch and he threw 2 no-hitters including one in route to the title/title game MVP. We also have a key advantage in LHP Patrick Hennessy being one of the only LHP in the league, who I am also coaching and running through an intense training regimen. The only renewed sense we have is that I am overseeing all pitching operations, and there will quite possibly be a return to form for Hutch on the mound, and the rest of our bullpen will be locked and loaded with top-of-the-line stuff, and that's all I'm willing to say about that at this time. The return of an old face is not a welcome one. We unfortunately had our hands tied due to an old handshake deal with Gumby's agent, and had to let him back for this tournament, despite the pushback from current players, coaches, and even the GM. Gumby is known around the league as a locker room cancer that can sometimes be difficult to control. We have the culture present to keep him in line, and hopefully, to bring a return to form from his prime which was well over 5 years ago. A return to form from Gumby, who I must emphasize will not be in his signature leadoff spot, is a big piece of this puzzle. The plan is to start Gumby lower in the lineup, possibly last, and use him as a spiritual second leadoff hitter to get someone on base for the top of the order.

Q: Rivalries have often been a staple of what's made this tournament great over the years. The Goons & Mandingos had no shortage of them. Given all the new faces in the tournament now, do you think that aspect has lost something?

A: It's great to see so many new faces that aren't Irish. Given the retirement of two key Irishmen in Al and Pat the Rat, the tournament is presumably boasting all-time low figures for Irishman involvement, which is a massive step in the right direction. As far as rivalries go, I don't feel it's lost anything. Every team knows they have to throw their best arm against us (last year we saw Pork's Ace game 1, Ricci game 2, Geri/Ted in game 3 vs the Goodfellas, and in game 4 Allen vs the Ironballs), and we take that as a sign of respect, but also it brings us in with a chip on our shoulder, not to mention the countless times over the past few years Bert has thrown Tony against us, and the GF have thrown their top arms. Everyone at the tournament knows we're the team you have to keep out of the playoffs, we know that if we make it to the playoffs, we very likely win the whole thing, we also will not hesitate to charge the mound and square up with any team, especially the new guys. The Flapacs are always circled on our list, and they better pray we don't see them in the playoffs, as we will not hesitate to have Gumby incite a brawl, and many members of this team were participants in the infamous brawl before the WP3 title game between PDS and the Goon Squad. We have been anxiously awaiting an opportunity to unleash 17 beer Gumby on some poor sack of shit, and August 5th may finally be the day. 

Q:  So this would be a bad time to tell you that Etter actually is on the Flapacs roster as a DH? Either way, a counter argument to your point could be, that most of those prolific hitters you mentioned put up the majority of their stats in tournaments 10+ years ago. The game has always been, get on base and hit homers. You guys are 1-7 since merging, & given the lack of a true 2nd ace, it’s tough to see where your path through is. What would you say to all that?

A: Al playing changes nothing about what I've said besides another player in the top 10 being present, we still overwhelmingly have a stranglehold on it. While true, many of these stats are accumulated sheerly from being present for so many tournaments, it's also true that if there was as drastic of a fall-off as you seem to think, all of us would've dropped in the rankings, especially average. Over the past 3-4 years, I know Mark and I have had exactly 1 poor batting performance each, while Hutch has underperformed for a few years, we expect him to bounce back this year. It's not so tough to see the path when you consider the development/re-emergence of the pitching staff. As long as we don't lose any games by 10+ runs we're confident about our postseason chances. While yes, we are 1-7, all of the games besides the inevitable bullpen game have been close and/or winnable. As long as we make it through our bullpen game without bleeding runs, we are confident in not only making the playoffs but winning the championship. Measures have been taken to make sure P-Money Gervasio doesn't see the mound this year, which is usually where the bleeding begins and ends. If we can get some serviceable innings from Gumby, Hutch, 1pac, and possibly even Dustin, I see us as an absolute lock for the playoffs.

We also got a chance to catch up with former MVP, champion and team captain Ryan Hutchings, who is entering his 8th year with the Man/Goondingos organization. Given the rumors swirling around, we had to ask him, "Can you give any info to the rumors that the recently merged Goon Squad/Mandingos mashup “Goondingos”, will be transitioning back into the former championship franchise, “Purple Drank Squad?”

A: “In due time. Yes, we are rebranding, and we were waiting to announce it, but we are henceforth until then known as the Mangoons.”

An exciting proposition for those who harken back to the old days of this tournament.

Next, we chatted with the host squad, last year's runners up, the Flapacamingos. It was a brutal end to a magical run in last year's tournament for the Flapacs, and they've spend the entire offseason stewing on it. However, unlike a lot of previous off seasons, they didn't make many changes this time. They've added back former all-star Eric Bomenblit, who was out injured last year, as well as his brother Joey, a fine young prospect the squad has high hopes for. As always, we spoke with team captain Jake Lambert, who was rather spicy this time. "Jake, it’s rumored that you are going to be relied on in the middle of the order. After inconsistent results over the last number of years, both personally and team wise, how confident are you in being able to provide the level of service needed to win hitting clean-up? 

A: I refuse to comment on the premise. Anyone who listens to rumors are schmucks. I won’t be giving away any of our team’s strategy to our opponents. And the fact is only the esteemed Ryan “La Flama Blanca” Ricci and I have won an MVP for the Flapacs, that should be enough proof of production.

Q: Speaking on that, you and Ricci, & now with Etter returning in a DH role, you 3 make up the most experienced trio in the tournament. How do you use that experience to help the rest of your teammates adapt within the chaos of this tournament?      

A: The only thing that can be learned is to embrace the chaos and hit the shit out of the ball. No other advice is needed. And if you haven’t figured that out yet you’re playing this tournament wrong.

Q: You’re giving big Clubber Lang vibes right now.

A: 100%. I’m blaring Eye of the Tiger in my head right now.

We also caught up with the aforementioned Ryan Ricci, who many feel has something to prove after a great year on the mound, but a rough year hitting. "After a down year at the plate last year, your manager has expressed tremendous confidence in you. So much, it’s expected you’re going to lead off. What does that say about the overall team environment and how confident are you in a bounce back year?"

A: Our organization has great confidence in our whole team this year and should be an exciting team to watch.  We put in a good offseason, and I am hoping that will translate into a strong showing this year.

Lastly with the Flapacs, we spoke to manager Pat Ney, who while being elected to the Hall-of-Fame this week, has been hard at work preparing his squad for the main event. There's ALWAYS pressure on a  Flapacs manager in this town, we asked, "Managing this team, with these expectations. How does that weigh on you?"

A: With the history of this franchise there are always high expectations, and this year is no different. We want to win and are willing to kill for that trident. It’s my job to put the fellas in the right positions to do what we need to do, good or bad. These aren’t the first holes we’ve ever dug.

Another familiar face, but this year with a twist, are the Goodfellas. The 4-time champions return yes, but they will have a much different look than last year. Due to a scheduling conflict, the G'fellas will be without former MVP's Billy Jackson & Brian Stanzione, as well as former title game MVP Justin Geri. Those are big holes to fill, which the G'Fellas will try to do with rookies Carmen Daddario, Nigel Lunsford, Tyler Lunsford & Brian Catalozzo. The free-agent and trade market didn't play out like team captain and owner Rocco Lombardo hoped, so a youth movement was the best way forward. We asked him, "You have half a new roster. Filled with interesting prospects again, how are you blending “win now” mode with integrating this youth movement, AND, where does this leave current rostered guys who won’t make it this year?"

A: I want to start off by saying the players that cannot make it this year will be deeply missed. The two greatest hitters in tournament history and a recent-years addition powerhouse with the bat. However, we're seeing one-of-a-kind energy from this year's prospects as only a true Goodfella could generate. These men know the goal at the end of the day, don't take us lightly. It's been a while since we've been considered underdogs and that's all the fuel we need.

Q: As one of the OGs of this tournament, here we are 14 years after it started, in the 17th tournament, rapidly approaching 20. How do you feel about this thing you’ve helped create and build?

A: In my youth it always felt great to be a part of something that brought so many competitors together on a day we all made special. I still feel the same to this day and always love seeing new faces experience the same glory we've all had these past 14 years. Nowadays the day after the tournament my body feels like I've been hit by a semi, but I wouldn't have it any other way. As I write this response, 12 years ago I captured my first title. I still feel that same butterfly in my gut and mamba mentality heading into year 14.

While in G'Fellas camp, we also chatted with former Cy Young winner, Mike Tedesco, a personal favorite of ours. Ted, as he's affectionately known, might just be the hardest working player this tournament has ever seen, building himself from the ground up into a bonified Roy Halladay type ace. We asked him, with a bigger load to shoulder than ever before, "Without Geri & Jackson, you’re being relied on as THE # 1 pitcher without question for the first time in years. How does that feel? And are you preparing any differently than you normally would?"

A: Team is dealing with a bit of adversity this year. Without Justin, Billy and can’t forget Stanz, it will be tough to replicate their production but with the depth of the Goodfellas organization we have some key call ups who will help us. The goal will be to pick our spots wisely and keep the arm as fresh as possible for key moments. Excited to see what this team can do. As far as preparation is concerned... The arm has one job one day of the year to throw everything it has. It may hurt until January, but it is ready to go once again. Nothing different, let’s just hope the ankle doesn’t snap on the landing and that I don’t pass out from heat exhaustion. Had some good success last year adding a new pitch so looking to build off of that this year and cause some confusion to the hitters on what to expect. SYK

Lastly, we spoke with the defending champions. The repeated questions they got had a theme from the media contingent on hand, a much bigger crowd than the last two years. Captain Tim Durante stepped up to graciously answer every question thrown his way. We asked, "The target is there now. You don’t have the luxury of flying under the radar after winning a title, but you guys did it with only a 3-3 record. What steps have you guys taken to be able to take on and overcome each team’s best?"

A: Good question, we like our odds against the competition. Think we have grown with our time in the tournament. I don’t think our focus is on how to handle the opponents but making sure we focus on playing our game. I think last year we showed resilience. If we play our game, I like our chances. 

Q: The identity it seems you guys have taken on is just that, resilient. Where does that type of team culture come from for you guys?

A: Idk if there is a team culture, we’re just a group of friends that found a reason to be competitive. It’s a reason for us to hang out and pal around. I think we bust balls but a lot of it also comes with accountability. We’re not afraid to call each other out because we have the same goal in mind. It’s a loose feeling, we don’t feel too pressured to play after it all it’s for a fun time. We have trust built from years of friendship.

Q: You guys will be replacing one of your key players from last year, Jody, a big hole to fill. How will, and to whom will his production need to be spread out?

A: We expect bigger contributions from our 2nd year players at the plate. Such as James Obrien and Kevin Glynn. Last year they got to experience the tournament as rookies and this year we believe they’re ready to step into bigger roles. Their competitors I know their contribution will have a positive impact. Jody’s presence will be missed but we have plenty of firepower in the lineup to compensate. 

 Wifflepalooza XVII starts at 10:30 am, this Saturday, August 5th, at the Willie J. Huff Wiffleball Complex in Vineland, NJ. Be sure to watch on ABC/ESPN, and get tickets at www.preownedairboats.com

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

The Class of 2023, Wifflepalooza Hall-of-Fame

VINELAND - Every four years, the Legends of Wiffle Council convenes to vote on the next Hall of Fame class of the greatest tournament known to man, Wifflepalooza. The first class, elected in 2019, also received a vote in this year's proceedings, as this class also will for 2027. The inaugural class was comprised of former MVP's, Boone Swanberg & Mike Mazzochi, as well as 2x Cy Young winner, Nino Bonanno. Of a possible 18 ballots, 15 were returned. Without further ado, here's this year's elected class.

Nick Smaniotto

RHP/Manager/Broadcaster, WP1-WP2, Buffalo Wild Wings, La Cosa Nostra

A founding father of the tournament, Nick's all-time career saves record still stands to this day. Posted a career 0.00 ERA in 8 innings.

Matt Bocchese

C/P/OF, WP1-WP9, Flapacamingos

A 4-time Champion and a 2-time All-star, Bocchese was the captain of the Flapacamingos dynasty of the late 2000's & early 2010's. Posted a .363 career batting average, with a .468/.582/1.050 slash line. Swatted 6 HR and drove in 28 runs in 44 career games.

Pat Ney

P/C/OF, WP2-WP15, Goon Squad, Flapacamingos

A 2-time Champion, and an All-Star in WP15, Ney's claim to the hall lies within his performances on the mound. He threw one of two perfect games in tournament history, and he recorded a save to clinch the title game for the Flapacs in WP5. Ney also posted a .443/.495/.938 slash line, swatting 8 HR and driving in 23 runs in 55 career games.

The newest members of the HOF will be publicly announced and throw out the ceremonial first pitch, before Wifflepalooza XVII, this Saturday, August 5th.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Callin' The Hogs! Pork Missiles Take WP16 for First Championship: w/ Facts & Figures

     In one of the most unexpected turnaround performances in tournament history, the PA Pork Missiles, led by captain Tim Durante and a pair of really good pitchers, came back from a 1-3 record to pull of two upset performances in the playoffs and win Wifflepalooza XVI. 

     About 2 hours prior to their victory, it was unclear if the Pork Missiles would even reach the playoffs. Coming down to a final game between the Ironballs and Goondingos, the Pork Missiles needed the Ironballs to come through with their first win of the day to create a 3-way tie, that the Pork Missiles won the benefit of on run differential. The Ironballs closed out the Goondingos 4-3 and allowed PA to slip in the back door. In their first playoff game, they kicked that door down. They managed to work 13 walks off of both former Cy-Young winners Mike Tedesco and Justin Geri. They managed to score 6 runs without recording a base-hit and knocked off the 4-time champions in extras. 

    In the title game, it was pitching and a bit of good fortune that propelled them to glory. The Flapacs hit 3 balls of the top of the fence, narrowly missing 3 solo homers, but Baeringer and Weber kept making huge pitches when they needed them, never allowing the Flapacs to string multiple hits together in the same inning. Jody Durante provided the game's only run, a solo shot to the opposite field off Ryan Ricci, which was the Pork Missiles only hit of the post season. 

    The celebration will continue on until next season, but the Pork Missiles know they need to be ready to embrace the targets on their back.


- Justin Geri became the 3rd player in tournament history to reach 90 career RBI

- The Flapacamingos scored just 9 total runs, the fewest of any team to reach a title game in Wifflepalooza history

- We had 3 no-hitters on Saturday, tying a tournament record set way back in Wifflepalooza III, when as we all know, the strike zones were about half the size they are now. Mike Tedesco, Dan Volpe and Kevin Engasser all tossed no-no's, becoming the first trio to do so since Dimitri Paraskevas, Pat Ney and Ryan Hutchings all did it in WP3. It seems the scuffing rule had an effect, as pitching ruled the day.

- Brian Stanzione became the first to 100 hits (104) in tournament history, passing Al Etter (99) for tops on the all-time list

- Saturday's final was the 6th time ever that the Title Game ended in a shutout. It was the first time the final ended 1-0, since WP4 in 2011.

- The Pork Missiles are just the 8th different franchise to win Wifflepalooza.

- With his all-star performance, Jeff Ronchetti becomes the 4th player in tournament history to make 10 All-Star teams, joining Brian Stanzione, Ryan Ricci and Al Etter.

- Tony Donato and Mike Tedesco, became the 3rd and 4th players respectively in tournament history to reach 150 K's

- Pork Missiles' Ken Weber threw just 2 innings on Saturday, but they were the two biggest innings of the day. After their semi-final match against the Goodfellas went extra innings, PA was left needing 2 innings from another arm that wasn't one of their top 2. Weber stepped up, closed out the Flapacs in the title game and earned the first Championship save since Bill Errig in WP10, when High & Dry took the trident.

- In spite of being limited over the summer, Ryan Ricci was phenomenal again on the mound Saturday. While getting just 3 total runs of support, Ricci posted a 1.40 ERA, a career best, in 20 innings, while striking out 23 batters. It's the 6th time in 13 tournaments that Ricci has posted a sub 2.00 ERA.

- Goodfellas' Billy Jackson took over as the tournament's all-time leader in OPS, at 1.785. He reached the threshold for minimum plate appearances in the Gfellas final regular tournament game.

- Bert Brigade fell short Saturday, and while they still will be a threat for years to come, give them a hand for a heck of a run. Bert is the first franchise to make 4 consecutive title games. And to do it in their first four tournaments is a heck of a run. A 6-3 all-time playoff record is the best winning percentage of any franchise with more than 4 playoff games played.

- Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but it appears that Wifflepalooza XVII will be Saturday, August 12, 2023. The plan is to once again have a HR derby the night prior, August 11. A release will be made once a firm decision is made.